Science & Technology

Head of Faculty – Science & Technology

Chris Pacey


Year 11 Marine Science

This term our Year 11 Marine Science students underwent their snorkel induction at Kokoda Pool. The activity gave students an opportunity to practice and demonstrate their skills required for snorkelling in preparation for their outer Great Barrier Reef trip later this term and then their Orpheus Island Research camp early in Term 4. Students were required to show overall swimming skills, correctly fit their mask, snorkel and fins, as well as learn the proper snorkel technique. The girls also practiced underwater research skills including laying quadrats, transect and writing underwater.

Year 12 Marine Science

Year 12 Marine Science students are exploring Fisheries this term and had the opportunity to get hands-on learning how fisheries biologist use the process of catching, marking and recapturing fish to estimate the sizes of populations. The girls collected samples from a crayfish tank, before drying them, marking them with a non-toxic marker, and then releasing them. A few days later, the students assessed the same population of crayfish, and counted the number of animals that were marked and unmarked. Back in the classroom, students used their data to estimate the total population and were very close to the correct number! (they estimated 105 animals and were only ten off the correct number). 


Year 7 Science

Year 7 Science students have been getting very hands on this term as they launch into the wonderful world of physics. Students were introduced to forces and looked at how scientists measuring forces using Newton meters. Students are also investigating how friction effects the amount of force required to drag objects. The girls were amazed when they saw that a feather can fall at the same rate as a bowling ball in the right circumstances!