Deputy Principal – Academic

Deputy Principal – Academic

Amy Byrnes


Assessment Calendar

The Semester 2, 2020 assessment calendars have been published.  This document was emailed to all parents/guardians and students and is also available on the College website.  These documents can be used to assist students to plan their study timetable and ensure that they meet all due dates.  The final page of the document also contains an excerpt of the College Assessment Policy.


Year 12 Mock Exams

The Assessment Calendar notes that Year 12 students will participate in Mock Exams in the final weeks of Term 3.  Mock Exams will be held for all General Subjects to help students in their preparations for the External Examinations.  We encourage Year 12 students to ensure they try their best in these Mock Exams to they can receive valuable feedback prior to the External Assessments.  The purpose of these mock exams is to help students:

  • revise and test subject knowledge;
  • familiarise students with the language of external assessment, the types of questions that might be asked and the expected length of responses;
  • enable students to experience external assessment conditions and practise relevant skills;
  • build students’ confidence and ability in sitting exams.


Tutoring Schedule

Teachers at the College provide a range of tutoring opportunities for students, including before and after school and during lunch breaks.  The tutoring schedule for Semester 2, 2020 has been distributed and can be found on the College website.  As well as this document, students are encouraged to speak to their teachers for alternative tutoring times.