Library News

Library Coordinator

Marie Jerome


What an incredible start to the term, to see the look on our staff and student’s faces as they passed through the new Library doors for the first time, eyes wide, taking in the amazing space we have been blessed with. This was a moment of pure joy and the new library space has been embraced in all its beauty and practicality. I am so proud of everyone treating the space with grace and gratitude.

This week marks an exciting turn of events, maker spaces will be occurring in the Library for the celebration of Catholic Education week, Rosary Beads and book mark making are on the agenda. This will be the start of a long tradition of creativity and collaboration for our Library. Stay tuned for further events. To add to the excitement, the Library Club will be starting this week as well as the Chess Club, there are so many ways to enjoy our new Library!

Located on the Circulation Desk is now a Research Computer, when you have assignments, I am available to guide you in your research utilising our Database and Non-Fiction collection, don’t hesitate to visit when you get a new assignment, preparation is the key! I am also available to assist you in referencing your work.

What does a new Library need? New books! We have added a great many new books to our collection, you can find them on display near the photocopiers. The latest great read is a graphic-novel mystery adventure in which a girl and boy uncover the secret that has corrupted their seaside town.

Book of the week

Miro and Zia live in Aurora, a fishing town nestled in the shadow of an ancient castle. Miro lives in his books; Zia is never without her camera. The day they meet, they uncover a secret. The fishing works, the castle, the town council: all are linked to an ill-fated 1930s Antarctic expedition. But the diary of that journey has been hidden and the sea is stirring up unusual creatures. Something has a powerful hold over the town. With Zia determined to find out more, Miro finds himself putting aside his books for a real adventure. The Inkberg Enigma is an exciting adventure with a strong filmic narrative found in the Graphic Novel section now!