Year 9 students are learning how to cut and plate fruit. The focus is on how to make healthy food choices fun, accessible and appetising to young children. 


Ms Camille Flores

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – HOSPITALITY & FUNCTIONS.  E: cflores@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au



The Year 8 Dance class are delivering cultural dance workshops to their peers. Students are researching features and functions of their chosen dance styles in groups and teaching the class a small routine to perform. So far we have been learning the Highland Fling.

Over the next two weeks we will be travelling the world through Japan, Philippines, Cuba, Spain and Italy to experience; Bon Odori, Tinikling, Salsa, Cha cha, Samba and Tarantella. 

Ms Jojo Butler

DANCE & DRAMA TEACHER.  E: jbutler@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

The Year 10 Engineering students test out their STEM projects at Tobruk Pool remotely powering boats using the EV3 Lego Mindstorm. 

A few weeks’ ago, St Patrick’s College Townsville fielded a STEM Team for the JCU STEM Challenge event. The Science and Engineering Challenge is a nationwide STEM outreach program presented by the University of Newcastle in partnership with JCU. Through the Challenge, students experience aspects of science and engineering which they would not usually see in their school environment.
Year 10 students from across the region battled it out for a place at the State Super Challenge by building bridges, wiring cities, building a bionic hand, constructing earthquake proof towers and designing a catapult.
Students were supported to explore scientific principles for themselves rather than being guided to a pre-determined answer. The Science and Engineering Challenge strives to encourage students in Year 10 to consider a future career in science or engineering as they enter their senior schooling. 


Congratulations to our 2021 STEM Team members: Kate Barr, Lily Barra, Mia Bassett, Chelsea Bath, Emily Black, Sarah Bourke, Grace Burbidge, Chloe Ferrara, Georgia Hamilton, Bonnie Hughes, Estella Johnson, Lilly McCarthy, Jane McKinley, Madaya McMillan, Dannika McMillan, Sarah Robinson and Hailie Smith-Johns.

(Dannika McMillan and Bonnie Hughes attempt some bridge building)

Ms Gayle Walkom

YEAR 10 ENGINEERING TEACHER. E: gwalkom@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au
Junior Science classes have been learning the skills and processes required for dissection. This can be a stomach-churning task, but once the students move beyond this, they find it fascinating. There’s so much to be learnt about how organism or body parts function and you can see the how engaged the girls are. 
Year 7 Science – Fish Dissection: 
Year 8 Science – Heart Dissection:
Year 9 Science – Eyeball Dissection: 

Ms Shari Finlay

HEAD OF FACULTY -SCIENCE. E: sfinlay@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

This term students have been enjoying creating their own Japanese restaurant role plays. Dressing up has also been part of the fun!

Year 8 Gyoza Making: This term Year 8 Japanese students have been learning about making different types of Japanese cuisine. Students have learnt about the variety of dishes available and different tastes and textures of Japanese food. In addition, they have learnt how to interact in a restaurant or café, and which customs they need to observe. As a practical activity, students looked recipes in Japanese and then made gyoza (dumplings). Gyoza (餃子)are often eaten at home and in restaurants in Japan. The students enjoyed working as team to create dumplings, and ,of course, eating them!

Ms Anna Kendall

JAPANESE TEACHER. E: akendall@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au

Our students have already been show casing their talent in a range of mediums and techniques in a broad range of units across the Year levels.

Our Year 7s completed their first foray into the Elements and Principles of Art last term with the production of some quirky ceramic bugs which will be followed with a ‘Bugged Out’ installation of their giant coloured card bugs this term.

Year 8 students have been inspired by the artwork of Cath Maharry and have produced beautiful mixed media concertina books, a selection of which are on view in the library until the end of Term 2, where you can also view the Year 9, ‘Up Close’ macro paintings.



Our Year 10 Visual Art class have completed Fauvist inspired paintings and 10 Visual Arts in Practice students produced their larger than life cardboard sculptures, which you may have seen installed in the courtyard last term in their Under the Sun, In the Rain Unit. 10 Visual Art students are now well underway exploring four colour lino printing in their Cross-Currents Unit exploring the work of Brian Robinson and Mary Preston.






Year 11 Visual Arts in Practice have completed their Textiles Surfaces and Sculpt It Units, creating tie die t-shirts, silk painted bags and some quirky animals made from natural materials. Both the 11 & 12 VAP students are looking forward to presenting many of their works for sale next semester so look out for information here in the newsletter and on our media sites.

Year 12 VAP students have completed their Wearable Art Accessorise Unit and are currently in the process of installing their ‘stained glass’ effect murals in the windows of Café By the Sea. Do check out their fabulous work when you drive by on The Strand.


We hope you enjoy the following gallery of images showcasing our talented students’ work. Our Year 12s have just finished their internal assessment 2 (IA2) a few images of which we have included, but we look forward to bringing you the Senior Year 12 Art Students’ exhibition later in the year.


As always the Art department would be very happy to receive any donations of newspapers, materials, old containers for water pots and palettes and any specialist materials that could be used for wearable art construction. If you have or work for a business that does create waste material that may be suitable please contact Ms Walsh to discuss collection.

Ms Kirsten Walsh

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT – VISUAL ARTS & EXHIBITIONS. E: kwalsh@stpatscollege.qld.edu.au