The Arts

Head of Department – Dramatic Arts & Performance

Alyssa Kelly


Clowning Around in Year 7

Year 7 students have been working hard on their slapstick skills, creating clowning performances for their assessment this term. They have been enjoying the new drama studio and dressing room, putting on makeup and costumes to complete their character look. They were very excited to get ready and their performances were affected by this enthusiasm. Special thanks to Ms Maguire and Ms Hudson for their efforts with the Year 7 students and helping to make it a success.





Head of Department – Visual Arts & Exhibitions 

Harriet Geater-Johnson



Visit to NQ Ceramics

A big thank you to the Percival Tucker Regional Gallery for allowing our 11 Visual Arts in Practice class to visit the NQ Ceramics Award. The work was very inspiring for the current Narrative Vessel unit and the girls were lucky enough to see work from former Head of Department – Visual Art, Ms Ebony Russel on show.

Independent Education Union of QLD and NT student art show ‘Perfect Places.’

Huge congratulations to Chloe Turner who received a Highly Commended award at the Independent Education Union of QLD and NT student art show ‘Perfect Places.’ Chloe, Ruby Mitchell and Ruby Cotterall all had their work selected for this show and their Fauvist inspired paintings of the Townsville region were really strong, well done girls!

‘In Residence’ – Education QLD and QAGOMA

Congratulations to Jamie Mohr, one of only twenty students selected from the whole of QLD to be a part of ‘In Residence’ through Education QLD and QAGOMA. In order to apply Jamie had to produce a visual and written response to the work ‘Coming to Terms, Bride I’ by Abdul Abdullah. A challenging work that explores the artist’s challenges as a Muslim-Australian. In response Jamie produced a work that celebrated cultural diversity at St Patrick’s College. Producing a drawing which was then digitally altered with a lino print overlay. Jamie’s written response was very sophisticated. She will now take part in online workshops with gallery staff and professional artists.

Jamie’s response:

In his artwork, Abdullah addresses the differences in cultural perception within Australia, drawing inspiration from the conflicting sides of his heritage. His deeply personal art responds to many cultural and social issues surrounding Australian Muslims. This artwork’s focal point is the confronting image of the figure’s eyes, which connect directly with the audience, and challenge the treatment of Muslims in Australia. The hijab signifies the negative perceptions projected onto Muslims, with the bride embodying themes of isolation and injustice. However, the idea of the wedding represents optimism for the future. My work is a celebration of diversity. The concept of a mask has been appropriated, through the digital overlay of a lino print veiling the charcoal drawing. This represents the cultural lens through which my Torres Strait Islander sisters at school perceive Queensland, and signifies a conceptual layering of traditions. The motifs are inspired by Torres Strait imagery, and represent the ocean’s ebb and flow. This symbolises the challenge of existing in two worlds. The chaotic nature of the rubbish suggests that Indigenous youth are inundated by a sea of social, cultural, and environmental inequities. However, the figure’s eyes were left unobstructed to symbolise a view of a hopeful future.

Faces from our Community

Year 10 have wowed us with their project ‘Faces from our Community,’ and have been producing very strong portraits of friends, teachers and the College community. We hope to have these works on display in Term 4!

Head of Department – Music & Performance

Johnathon Goulter


The end of Term 3 has been a fantastic time for the music department. We have seen a surge of musical skill emerge in a range of year groups. Year 7 have been mashing up traditional African American, Australian Aboriginal and folk songs in class. The sound of Year 8 has the 7 Nation Army Anthem that many have chosen to perform for their band task. Year 9 have presented a range of songs from musical, television shows, films, and videos games. Year 10 have shown their skill in accompanying themselves in a variety of methods. Year 11 and 12 have both been preparing for exam and research tasks exploring different musical identities and narratives. All in all it has been a great term with students back to make music face to face. Music ensembles have had an equally busy term with preparing for parents and Year 5 students in the Principal’ Welcome Tours and recording their current ensemble repertoire for parents viewing at home – keep an eye out on the music page on the Learning Hub to view these recordings. Lastly, Patty’s Got Talent has showcased six amazing acts with Kate Pullinger-O’Brien winning with an amazing self-written fast rap piece.  

Wishing you all a restful break and looking forward to making music again next term.

John Goulter – Head of Music