Director of Students

Director of Students

Maria Franettovich



It has been another full term of learning and engagement in a wide variety of activities.  We have been fortunate to be at school for face to face learning this term and able to provide some activities and events for your daughters, to allow them to connect with others.   We have all learnt how to be adaptable to the new realities of life, with social distancing, increase in personal hygiene practices and having to adhere to the COVID restrictions imposed on schools.

Last Friday night the Year 12 students attended their Combined Pastoral Evening, although the evening was a different format to previous years to meet COVID restrictions. The girls had a most enjoyable night dressing up in their $5 formal outfits and engaging in a fun night of trivia.  Congratulations to our joint winning team. 

Our Head of Year 12, Ms Tenille Hambly has been working with Year 12 students and their families to ensure that the Year 12 Formal meets COVID restrictions and that the girls do not miss out on this important rite of passage and that it is a very special evening for our students. 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday October 7 –  First Day Term 4

Peer Power

On Wednesday 7 October 2020, Year 11 students will be taking part in a Peer Power – Leading a Legacy Seminar.

Leading a Legacy highlights the leadership potential of every individual. This seminar builds on the theory of Social Capital by Robert Putnam (Bowling Alone, 2000), enabling the leadership group to identify the effective and ineffective ways in which they lead. It examines how we place certain values on different social groups within the College community and how to bridge these divides. The workshop provides many opportunities to practice skills that add value to the people we do know, and also to effectively connect with those we don’t know.  Year 11 parents/guardians have been sent an email with additional information regarding this seminar.

Finally, the holidays will give us all a chance to rest and refresh and have some time to enjoy the beautiful North Queensland weather.  Take care and have an enjoyable break and I look forward to seeing everyone back for a busy Term 4.