At our College, our Pastoral Care Team is committed to taking a proactive approach in developing skills that build resilience, promoting a school culture that emphasises respect, teamwork and participation – and reactive elements like providing comfort in response to hurt, or encouragement in the face of disappointment. We all seek to support your daughter in developing a strong skill set to draw upon as she navigates her life.

The purpose of Pastoral Care at our College is to:

  • Create a sense of belonging through team building activities, such as working together on community service projects,
  • Develop skills and knowledge through personal development and targeted workshops in order to prevent or address specific problems such as bullying,
  • Track and monitor individual student progress enabling early intervention in identifying and dealing with specific needs,
  • celebrating student achievements and contributions,
  • provide guidance regarding study patterns, peer relations, post-school pathways and opportunities, and
  • Provide access to passionate and dedicated teachers who are good role models.

Pastoral care is most effective when there is a strong partnership between home and school. Clear two-way communication, reminders and reinforcement (at home and at school) of strategies to support progress, and early intervention in identifying and addressing problems are vital to the effective exercise of pastoral care.

Maria Franettovich