Year 9 Commerce

Last week, our Commerce class conducted a practical taste testing task which involved comparing brand name food to their generic alternatives. We sampled a variety of snacks, including hundreds and thousands biscuits, BBQ rice crackers, chicken – flavoured chips, and chocolate finger biscuits. The aim was to engage our senses in order to differentiate between brand name and generic food products. The objective of this hands-on task was to demonstrate the impact of branding and consumer decision making, which is an essential component in this topic of marketing, business, and the subject of commerce. Some students, in their final decisions, chose the generic version due to its better quality and flavour in comparison to the brand name product. This engaging and interactive activity provided us with a special opportunity to investigate and analyse the details of product branding and its impact on consumer decisions and choices. As well as this, we acquired a deeper understanding of our buying behaviours, therefore reinforcing the significance of branding strategies within the business world.
Abbey McLauchlan and Annalise Tambasco, Year 9 Students
Ms Stephanie Ditto, HSIE Teacher
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