Year 7 History

In History we are learning about primary and secondary sources. Artefacts are a primary source, and they can tell us a lot about the time period they are from. Archaeologists are the ones who dig up and study artefacts. Historians and archaeologists work closely together to decipher and interpret artefacts. In history we were learning about the process of archaeological digs and the precision and the care they take. We did an activity to simulate doing an archaeological dig. We were given a cookie that represented an archaeological site, and had to carefully sketch the site and the artefacts in it (represented by the choc chips). Once we had done that, we were given a toothpick and started to excavate the cookie, the chocolate chips were the artefacts that we had to uncover. It was very fun and super insightful to how archaeological digs work and how important it is to uncover artefacts with detail and care, but also how different sources can tell you different things.

Emaline Crowther-Albornoz, Year 7 Student

Ms Stephanie Ditto, History Teacher
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