Showcasing a diverse array of exceptional student artworks crafted for the art-making segment of the HSC examination in Visual Arts in 2023, ARTEXPRESS 2024 made its debut to the public on 7 and 10 February, 2024. The exhibition presents a wide spectrum of artistic approaches and forms of expression, spanning ceramics, curated collections, designed objects, documented forms, drawing, graphic design, painting, photo media, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and fibre, as well as time-based works. Highlighting the talents of our Marist students, Mana Sugimoto at AGNSW and Gabrielle Ip at Hazelhurst Galleries, the exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in its wonders until April 21st, 2024. Treat yourself to this captivating experience.
2023 Visual Arts HSC Body Of Work
Ms Mary-Anne Boutros, Creative Arts Coordinator
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