Science & Technology

Head of Faculty – Science & Technology

Chris Pacey


2020 Science Week

A great big thank you to those people that participated in Science Week activities last week and from the incredible engagement, discovery and wonder on the students faces, it was clear they enjoyed what was on offer. In particular thanks to your Science teachers, our lab technician, Colleen and the Year 11 Students that did an amazing job with the activities.

During the week, students had the chance to enter the freezing waters of Antarctica covered in fat to see how whales are able to survive; they made model sharks filled with oil to find out why sharks don’t sink; they used their breathe to discover how the ocean is acidifying; and some students even visited Orpheus Island to learn how scientists use baited underwater videos to see how green zones work. Others visited the Dead Sea to find out why it’s nearly impossible to drown and make your own scuba diver and explored the world of whale food as they looked at microscopic plankton. Students also played fisheries biologists and “caught, tagged and released” their fellow students to estimate the number of students in the courtyard. They did a great job and got pretty close! From a practical perspective, one of the highlights was the tower of pressure to discover why scuba divers can’t go too deep – a few students were soaked but had a great time.

The Science Week Quiz was a hit again, with Thrones and Princes currently in a tie-breaker for the prized Pizza Party. Again a big thank you for the great support of Science Week!