Deputy Principal – Academic

Deputy Principal – Academic

Amy Byrnes


We are now past half way in Term 3 which means we are in the busy time of the term with assessment and Year 10, 11 and 12 Exam Block looming.  As we haven’t experienced a full term of assessment in 2020, it is important that students are planning their time to meet all deadlines, per the assessment dates.  Year 10 and 11 Exam Block details will be released soon.

During this time of the term, it is important that our students have balance, while still aiming to improve their academic results.  This includes maintaining a healthy diet, exercise and adequate sleep.  Often these three things are those that fall by the wayside as deadlines draw near.  Research strongly suggests that this is not a good option, as a lack of sleep will have a negative effect on daily academic performance.  The best strategy for our students is to ensure they have a study planner to manage upcoming deadlines. 

Our College diary contains some useful resources to help during this time including:

  • Study/Time Management Planner – page 20
  • Hints on How to Study – page 110
  • Homework Assistance – page 111

Students are also encouraged to attend tutoring.  The tutoring schedule can be found on the College website.  As well as this document, students are encouraged to speak to their teachers for alternative tutoring times.


Year 11 Subject Changes

Year 11 students will finish Unit 2 at the end of Term 3, 2020.  Unit 3 content will then begin on Tuesday, 7 October (Week 1, Term 4).  Students wishing to change subjects for Unit 3 and 4 can book a meeting with me.  Subject changes for Unit 3 and 4 must be finalised by Friday, 16 October (Week 2, Term 4).  Any student that wishes to change subjects, must do so at the beginning of Unit 3, as any student that changes throughout either Unit 3 or Unit 4 will not receive credit for these paired units.

To assist in these subject changes, Year 11 students will be issued with a summary of their Unit 2 Results in the September school holidays via email.

Year 12 Mock and Applied Subject Exams

This week I spoke to the Year 12 students about preparing for their Mock and Applied Subject Exams.  It is important that students are prepared for this exam block by ensuring they have the correct equipment and understand the conditions of these exams.  By following these guidelines, students will experience the same conditions that they will during the External Assessment Exams in Term 4.

Report Cards

At the end of Term Three, students in Years 7 to 10 will receive a report card based on their year results to date.  Year 11 students will receive a report card based on their Unit 2 results and Year 12 students will receive a report card on all Unit 3 and Unit 4 Internal Assessment. 

If your contact details have changed, please contact the College Office to ensure that you receive your daughter’s Report Card over the September holidays.