Temporary Road Closures – Clapton Place and Farrell Avenue

Temporary Road Closures – Clapton Place and Farrell Avenue

The City of Sydney have advised us that they are about to begin a project to carry out stormwater drainage works in Clapton Place and Farrell Avenue in Darlinghurst.

The project will begin on Monday 10 February (weather permitting) and they have indicated that this may take 4-5 weeks to complete, again depending on the weather.

How will this affect us?

  • Clapton Place will be closed to traffic for some short periods of time over the next month. Other temporary traffic restrictions will also be unavoidable, particularly between 7.30am-5.30pm on weekdays and on Saturdays.
  • Traffic flow may also be more restricted than usual in nearby streets, especially in Forbes Street, and this will be managed by a number of Traffic Controllers.
  • Pedestrians may need to take extra care when using footpaths adjacent to the works and follow the instructions of the Traffic Controllers to ensure their safety crossing the road and around any work vehicles.

How can you help?

  • Please be patient and take extra care if you are driving in Forbes Street and follow the directions of all Traffic Controllers to ensure the safety of our girls and other pedestrians.
  • Anything you can do to help us minimise the traffic in Forbes Street is also going to make a difference, including carpooling or encouraging your daughter to catch the bus, train or walk to and from school if she is old enough to do so safely.

The City of Sydney is going to continue to keep us informed of the progress of this work, and we will pass on any relevant details as soon as these come to hand. If you have any questions about this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.