Visual Arts News

Aleighya Galeb, a Year 10 Visual Arts student, completed some personal jobs for clients during the last holidays. She has painted an amazing and highly stylized canvas, a series of intricately painted flowers in an entry of an executive home, chalkboards for a local cafe and an ‘Arnold’ painting in the family home gym. 

Aleighya’s participation in developing individual projects that contain clearly articulated aims and workable timelines is an example of independent learning. 

Aleighya explores the ability to innovate and think outside the box using creative and critical thinking skills. We are proud of the passion and the gifts Aleighya has been able to share with us. Her creativity and commitment to the arts are beyond words. Her business name is ‘Art-it-ect’ by Aleighya, in which she also has several jobs lined up for the upcoming school holidays. 

Congratulations on this fine achievement.


Mrs Helen Landas, Creative Arts Coordinator

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