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Year 7 – Slow Down and Read

As part of their English programme, all Year 7 are doing the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). By the time the Challenge closes on Friday 20 August all girls should have added the 20 books they’ve read in the last 12 months to their PRC Student Reading Record.
Congratulations to those girls who have already completed this year’s Challenge.

Encourage your daughter to log in and show you where she’s up to. She has her Username and Password, and the PRC site is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
If she hasn’t read and recorded about 10-12 titles by now, she’ll need to do some catching up, and there’s no better time than winter for slowing down, snuggling up and reading.
So please encourage her to pop into Jarnosse, borrow some books and set aside some reading time each day. As a start, just 30 minutes before bed will be great for her mind and better for her sleep than time spent on her device.

Mrs Prue Nelson, Teacher-Librarian and Mrs Maria Del Moro, English Coordinator

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