Ancient History Excursion

Recently, Year 11 and 12 Ancient History students accompanied Miss Vu on an excursion to the newly constructed Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney.  We were greeted by an enthusiastic archaeologist called Fran. Fran, a professor in Ancient Greek and Roman culture, was our guide around the museum for the day. She walked us through a wide range of artifacts and spoke about their significance to ancient society. We were briefed on the Ancient Egyptian mummification process and their belief in the afterlife, and how the characters in the Trojan War were represented as butterflies by taxonomists from the 1700s.  Additionally, we heard how archaeologists examine remains through CT Scans to ensure minimum damage and saw the city of Pompeii resembled through an intricate lego structure.

After an enjoyable walk and lunch on campus, we met with Fran for the final time, heard the story of Emperor Augustus, analysed his breastplate in detail, and how the figures decorating it revealed his militaristic power. Finally, as a group, we held and analysed ancient artefacts, some remodelled and others originals, and were asked to draw an artefact and answer questions regarding its make. Throughout the experience, we all absorbed Fran’s extensive knowledge and expertise and received a greater understanding of the ancient world. Thank you to Miss Vu and the girls for an unforgettable experience. 

Abigail Templeton, Year 11 Student

Ms Jenny Vu, HSIE Teacher

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