Dining in the Sydney Skylines and Witnessing Yes Ministers!

Dining in the Sydney Skylines and Witnessing Yes Ministers!

On the sunny Thursday 27 February 2020, the Year 10 Accelerated Business Studies class went on an excursion to learn about the operations of the Sydney Tower Restaurants. We also learned about the legal system, by taking the rare opportunity to attend Question Time at the New South Wales State Parliament House.

We all met early in the morning armed with questions to fire at the guide from Sydney Tower Restaurants. On arrival, the friendly chef spoke to us about all the processes for the hospitality-based business. We also toured the walk-in freezer, which was the size of our classroom! Escaping the freezing chamber, our shirts were unbelievably cold. We then had a Q&A session in the fancy lounge in the 360 degree a la carte restaurant. The aerial view of our city was breathtaking. We found out that all four hundred and twenty exterior windows are cleaned by Charlie the Robot every three days. At last, we had lunch in the ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet, some favourites being the ice cream, churros, profiteroles and mango mousse. We were able to gather lots of notes and ideas about the operations processes and strategies of Sydney Tower Buffet Restaurant, which will hopefully be used to better formulate our responses for our upcoming HSC exam.

Stomachs full, we all went to the NSW Parliament for a quick tour of the Lower House chamber followed by Question Time. Our class was specifically welcomed by the Speaker of the House as guests of The Hon. Jenny Leong MP for Newtown. We made history in that our attendance has been permanently recorded in the Hansard for future generations to reminisce us by. Funnily enough, the MPs were acting up more than classic Fortians!

On behalf of the Year 10 Business Studies class, we thank Ms Jerrems for organising such a fun and enriching excursion for us.

Wish us luck for our HSC exam this year!

Anna Ivanova and Peter Tran – Year 10