Deputy Principal – Academic

Deputy Principal – Academic

Amy Byrnes




Although it only seems like a short time since students have returned to face-to-face schooling, we hope they utilise the holiday period to take some time to relax, reenergise and refocus before we begin Semester Two.


Report Cards

Due to only formative assessment being completed in Years 7 to 10 in Term 2, there will be no report cards issued this semester for these year levels.  The next report card for Years 7 to 10 students will be issued at the conclusion of Term 3, 2020.

During the holidays, Year 11 – Unit One and Year 12 – IA1 Confirmed Result report cards will be issued.  These reports will include an overview of academic achievement, behaviour and work ethic in each subject throughout these respective units.  Parents/Carers can find any subject specific feedback on individual assessment tasks via the Parent Lounge or Student Café.  If you do not receive your Report Card in the holidays, please contact the College office. 

As all year levels are not receiving report cards this term, the College will not hold a Diligence or Academic Awards Assembly in Term 3.  Our next recognition of academic achievement will be at the College Speech Night on Thursday, 22 October, 2020.


Academic Conferences

Our first Academic Conferences for the year will be held on Thursday, 23 July 2020.  Throughout these Academic Conferences, the College will continue to follow COVID-19 protocols.  More information regarding Academic Conferences will follow closer to the date including the required protocols and booking process.

All parents are always welcome to contact their teachers if they have any concerns about their daughters’ progress in any subject. 


Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 Subject Selection for 2021

In preparation for 2021 all information regarding subject selection has been emailed to students and Parents/Guardians who are progressing into Year 8, 9, 10 or 11 in 2021. 

Students and Parents/Guardians are encouraged to watch the Subject Selection Presentation and complete the online subject selection process per the login details sent to students via their school email account.  All subject choices for Stage 1 of the Subject Selection Process must be submitted by Friday, 17 July 2020.  Please note, due to the online nature of the subject selection process, hard copy forms are not required.


Subject Changes, Semester 2

Any Year 9 or 10 students considering subject changes for Semester Two are encouraged to make a time to meet with myself.  Such changes may be required to complement their subject selection for 2021.

Year 8 students may also consider a language subject change for Semester Two.  Subject changes for Semester Two will close on Friday, 24 July 2020 (Week 2, Term 3).  


Year 11 and 12 – Elevate Education Sessions

Elevate Education will return to the College on Wednesday, 12 August to work with our Year 11 and 12 students.

Periods 1 and 2 – Year 12 students will participate in the ‘Finishing Line’ session.  The session is designed to reinvigorate students as they approach the end of Year 12.  Students will focus on practical strategies to manage the pressure and stress that comes with the end of Year 12, including preparing for External Assessments.

Periods 3 to 6 – Year 11 students will participate in ‘Memory Mnemonics’ and ‘Ace Your Exams’ sessions.  These sessions will focus on techniques and strategies for memorisation and recall of information.  It also focuses on ineffective study environments and the impact on memory, as well as critical exam skills and preparation for exams.