Thailand – Year 10

Thailand – Year 10

An option we are planning for Year 10 students is the Traidhos Three Generation school in Chiang Mai. This school has been offering experiential education since 2000. Their vision is to become Southeast Asia’s premier provider of service learning. This trip will involve Oxley students engaging in fun and challenging learning experiences; promoting personal development through cultural, environmental and community service. With a wealth of experience, the Traidhos School hosts around 3000 students annually.  

Located in a natural and secure setting 25km north of Chiang Mai Traidhos School offers on-campus accommodation and a range of facilities including: cricket and golf, river barge experience and local community gardens and village service programs.

This ten-day trip will begin with tours in Bangkok and then take students to the regional mountain region of Chang Mai.

The approximate cost of this trip is $4000 (TBC). We are hopeful applications for this tour will open in Term 4, 2023.

Dates: Tuesday 1 October 2024 to Thursday 10 October 2024