OLE Camps – Year 7 & 8

OLE Camps – Year 7 & 8

OLE Week (OLE stands for Other Learning Experiences) has always been a valued and much anticipated week for all. It is with great excitement that we can confirm OLE Week will return in 2023 for Year 7 and 8.

For 2023 Year 7 camp will take place at Killalea State Park in Shell Cove and Year 8 in the Morton National Park Kangaroo Valley.

OLE Week is a mandatory and unique multi-day/overnight College event. It is a wonderful opportunity for Oxley students to explore new experiences with their peers in a supervised and supportive environment. It will immerse students in activities we hope will extend and enrich their lives beyond the classroom.

Students will learn to prepare for the elements, camp in tents, navigate, engage in activities, cook and clean for themselves while working in small teams to develop resilience. Each five-day program is designed to be an enjoyable but challenging outdoor experience where students will utilise teamwork, determination and resilience to complete a series of hikes and camps.

Oxley College has contracted an external provider, Southbound Adventures to conduct the OLE Experience during Week 1 of Term 4.

The cost of these camps is included in the Distinctives Levy.