Rites of Passage – Year 9

Rites of Passage – Year 9

OLE Week (OLE stands for Other Learning Experiences) has always been a valued and much anticipated week for all. It is with great excitement that we can confirm OLE Week will return in 2023 for Year 7 and 8.

We have developed a cross-curricular academic program around the theme “Identity – Telling Your Story”. The purpose of this innovative program is to expose students to ideas, people and phenomena that could not be experienced in a conventional classroom.

We want to ignite students’ passion for what the future holds and the learning journey they are on. The Rites of Passage program for Year 9 makes a significant transition toward life as a senior student.

The program has been designed around psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg’s identified needs for 14 and 15 year olds:

Develop a strong sense of personal identity
Build healthy friendships
Experience emancipation from parents
Develop a vocational direction

The cost of Rites of Passage is included in the Distinctives Levy