Year 9 History

Year 9 History students have been studying the topic “Australians at War” this term. As part of their study, they attended an excursion at the War Memorial in Hyde Park. Students were highly engaged and moved by the significance of the War Memorial. They started the day with a one-man performance called “War Horse”, which told the story of a digger and his horse, and their experiences during the war, particularly around loss and grief. They then toured the War Memorial, seeing the older section and the newer section that was constructed for the Centenary. Finally, students toured the museum which holds a wide range of primary sources. 

For many students, this excursion brought home that children as young as they were went to war after lying about their age, and did not return. Students commented on how affecting the personal stories were about the experiences of not only being at war, but the struggle of returning to Australia where there was little understanding of PTSD and the horrors of war. 

Ms Stephanie Dito, Assistant HSIE Coordinator (Acting), HSIE Teacher

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