Sports Results

Please see the results and MVP (Most Valuable Player) for each team.

Week 7



Round 6

Junior MSCW 35 vs Trinity College 9

MVP:  Sienna Voetterl


Intermediate MSCW (A) 29 vs St Vincent’s College 19

MVP:  Allegra Dalino


Intermediate MSCW (B) 10 vs Domremy College 34

MVP:  Amelia Van


Senior MSCW (A) 23 vs St Charbel’s College 25

MVP: Isabella Cicciari


Senior MSCW (B) 30 vs Casimir Catholic College 18

MVP:  Stella Backstrom





Round 5

Junior MSCW (A) vs Bye



Junior MSCW (B) 58 vs Rosebank College 17

MVP:  Marcella Dunn


Intermediate MSCW (A) vs Bye


Intermediate MSCW (B) 32 vs Domremy College 20

MVP: Lucy Mutimer

Senior MSCW (A) 73 vs Our Lady of The Sacred Heart College 6

MVP:  Bonita Glassock

Rugby 7’s

Round 4

Junior MSCW 3 vs Trinity College 7

MVP:  Georgia Williamson


Junior MSCW 27 vs Holy Spirit College 17

MVP:  Georgia Tucker



Sienna Voetterl
Allegra Dalino
Amelia Van

Isabella Cicciari
Stella Backstrom
Marcella Dunn



Lucy Mutimer
Bonita Glassock
Georgia Williamson

Georgia Tucker


Week 8



Intermediate MSCW (A) 31 vs Domremy College 17

MVP: Ginetta Richetti


Intermediate MSCW (B) 23 vs St Vincent’s College 25

MVP:  Angela Lakic






Junior MSCW (A) 45 vs Rosebank College 51 

MVP: Ellie Comerford


Intermediate MSCW (A) 42 vs Holy Spirit College 10

MVP: Miah O’Shea


Intermediate MSCW (B) 29 vs Rosebank College 24

MVP: Lucy Mutimer


Senior MSCW (A) 27 vs Holy Spirit College 56

MVP: Ella Rochester


Rugby 7’s

Junior MSCW 5  vs Holy Spirit College 15

MVP: Ava Anter


Junior MSCW 5 vs Casimir College 7

MVP: Lily Mercer



Ginetta Richetti Angela Lakic Ellie Comerford
Miah O’Shea Lucy Mutimer Ella Rochester
Ava Anter Lily Mercer  


Mr Daniel Watts, Sports Coordinator

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