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The story behind Kelly’s Bush is one that I will never forget and will continue to inspire me. The actions these women took to protect the land is history that I feel all should hear.
I was confronted by this story as, over the years, I became so familiar with this area, yet never knew its true history. I had the privilege to hear this story from individuals who are passionate and have a connection with the area at the 50th Anniversary Event at Weil Park on Sunday, 31 October. This event celebrated the World’s First Green Ban at Kelly’s Bush in 1971 and allowed students to participate in an Art Competition with a Kelly’s Bush theme.
In the ceremony, after we heard from the speakers and learnt about the history of Kelly’s Bush, we were presented with our awards for the Art Competition and I was fortunate enough to plant a tree to symbolise the importance of this occasion. We are so lucky to have the bush so close to us, as it inspires students in formulating and developing works. My work was inspired by Kelly’s Bush after my art class walked through the bush, observing and studying the surrounding nature. I am glad I was able to participate in this event and learn about the land’s history.
By Joanna El-Koura
Year 11

Mrs Helen Landas, Creative Arts Coordinator

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