Gifted and Talented Report

Recently, MSCW was represented in the Grand Final of the CSDA Debating Competition.

The team consisting of Alissa Tosh, Nikita Serban and Madeleine Miller grappled as the ‘negative’ team with the topic: That young people have it better than their parents. Despite a very compelling argument that involved excellent examples, such as parents were not victims of technology addictions, mental health issues, obesity and the climate crisis, the team could not convince the panel of adjudicators. Nevertheless, it was an outstanding performance at the conclusion of a difficult and long debating season.

Commiserations also to Cian Colantuno, Demi Hadjistavrou and Alessandra Carlo, who were also narrowly defeated in the Sydney Uniiversity Schools Debating Competition. The topic was challenging and a tricky one: That media should not be able to report terrorist attacks for 24 hours. The students are to be congratulated on their increased confidence and oratory skills, a great achievement!

Year 7 Student Alissa Tosh representing the Debating Team

Year 7 Student Alissa Tosh representing the Debating Team


Mrs Rachael Colreavy, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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