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Year 10 and HSC: All My Own Work

In Week 2 of this term, all Year 10 students were introduced to the NESA program HSC: All My Own Work.

HSC: All My Own Work is a compulsory program that NESA requires all Year 10 students in NSW to successfully complete before they can commence their Preliminary Year. It focuses on academic honesty and the principles of good scholarship.

Students will fulfil NESA’s requirements by completing the program modules online and passing any one of five online tests that will be released for them to sit over five consecutive weeks. Tests commenced on 25 October. Each weekly test will be open from Monday morning until the following Sunday at 10pm, and the results of students who completed that test will be emailed to them the following Monday morning. Students can attempt as many of these tests as they wish, and as soon as they have achieved a score of 80%, or more, they will have fulfilled NESA’s requirements. 

The last test will be available for students to take from 22 November until 10pm on 28 November, with the results emailed on 29 November. After this, any student who hasn’t passed a test will be required to attend school in her College uniform on Wednesday, 15 December for a seminar to assist in gaining the understanding of the content NESA requires, and a final test.

The link to MSCW’s HSC: All My Own Work site, with the assessment tests and links to the NESA program, is on Student Cloudshare under Assessments & Subject Selection. Please encourage your daughter to start early, look over the program and sit one of the first tests. There is no penalty for failure, but there is a great benefit to seeing the sorts of questions she needs to be prepared for in the following tests, should she need to do one.

If your daughter has problems or questions while special COVID-19 arrangements are in place at MSCW, she should email me for an appointment. I am here to help.

Mrs Prue Nelson, Teacher-Librarian and Mrs Maria Del Moro, English Coordinator

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