From the Leader of Learning and Curriculum

From the Leader of Learning and Curriculum

Class of 2021

Early last week, a notification was distributed to Year 12 parents/carers and students via COMPASS concerning HSC Examination Procedures, as per the recently published NESA guidelines during COVID-19. Please take the time to familiarise yourself and your daughter with this information. 

As Tuesday, 9 November marked the commencement of HSC Examinations, students in the Year 12 graduating cohort should be proud of their many achievements and of their growth as learners – especially during a very challenging year. They are a very special group, who have shown tremendous College spirit and pride in their school. We will miss them for their distinctive personalities, the strong relationships they have with their teachers, and the support and encouragement they have always given to their fellow students.

HSC examinations and remote learning

As the College is accommodating the HSC guidelines stipulated by NESA, I thank the students of Years 7-11, who have actively and effectively engaged in their face-to-face and remote learning this week. The staff at the College have and will continue to upload lesson plans in COMPASS and lesson content in Google Classroom during this time. It is important that students continue to engage in these learning platforms at all times.

Year 11 transition to the HSC 

As our Year 11 students have begun to engage in their final four terms of learning at the College, they are encouraged to plan their study time and take a strategic approach to assessment preparation. During Tutor Time, the Leadership Team gave a presentation to Year 11 students regarding the balance between school and outside commitments. Some of the key points presented to the cohort included managing part-time work hours during term time when the majority of assessment tasks are due, as well as the importance of establishing self-care routines. Students are reminded that their teachers are available to answer or clarify any subject related questions during remote learning days. 

2022 elective subjects 

Patterns of studies for students in Years 9 and 11 in 2022 will be made available to students and parents/carers in the next couple of weeks. The College timetable is student-driven to ensure the vast majority of students are placed in all of the classes that they have expressed a preference to study. Every effort is made to accommodate the greatest number of student choices, and while the vast majority have been able to be accommodated, I understand that is not always comfortable to the very small number of students who may not receive their first preferences. 

As we approach the middle of our final term in 2021, students in all years need to be fully engaged with their learning to maximise the time remaining.

Mrs Giulia Laurenzi, Leader of Learning and Curriculum (Acting)

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