Sports Co-Captains’ Report

MSCW has always had a distinguished reputation for its Sports Department, and as the Sport Co-captains for 2020/21 we had a wonderful experience leading the school throughout carnivals and extracurricular activities.

During our time as leaders, the availability of sporting carnivals, representative sports and internal Sports classes was in a state of constant upheaval due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 restrictions. Yet, amidst this confusion, we were very grateful for all the participation and enjoyment we were able to witness at various sporting engagements. It has been a privilege to be able to represent and further the culture of Sports at Woolwich, all the while working with the Leadership Team, endeavouring to create greater involvement throughout the College.

For us, the most fulfilling part of our leadership was seeing the excitement of all the girls as they took their friends to get involved in the Swimming Carnival and Athletic Carnival events – regardless of their final positions. We are very thankful for the continuing role Mr Watts plays in facilitating a competitive Sports program at the College. We are excited at the implementation of a more extensive Sports program next year and are immensely grateful that the College continues to recognise and foster the importance of involvement in Sports for girls.  

Kora Villa and Abby Gibson, Sport Co-captains 2020/21