Political Discussion Club

Every Wednesday, ourselves and about ten others go to the library, to discuss politics. Whether that be the current political climate, the benefits and drawbacks of the free market, Keynesian economics, the labour theory of value and everything in between. Recently we’ve been discussing the practical application of an anarchist society, along with discussing the labour theory of value, and its neo-classical counterparts. We mainly focus on economics and its practical applications rather than the petty concerns of the culture war. While being a place of discussion we try our best to make it as safe a place as possible for minorities and other oppressed groups.

We’re highly critical of radical politics and believe that change comes about through civil discussion and compromise. The way we see it, there’s no difference between the violent, radical far-left and the fascists they oppose. That isn’t to say that we support the far-right, however, we believe that minds can only be changed in the free marketplace of ideas, and not with violence.

We support the liberal ideals of freedom, equality and capitalism perfectly exemplified by our leader,  the infamous Mackenzie Charles Francis Wise. He’s a performer by night, and political ideologue by day, the great founder of our mighty club.

We have also been successful in the de-radicalisation of many of the youths that come through our doors, the following are some quotes from some of our members;

“I was first an anarcho-communist, then when I came to the club they slowly convinced me that a state was necessary so that no-one would do crime, or infringe on property rights. I then thought that state socialism was the only viable option for the future until we had a discussion on the USSR and  I realised that the only true immortal science was that of liberalism”
-Anonymous Member (former State-Socialist Posadist)

“I used to think that ACAB stood for something else but now I know that it means ‘All Cats are Beautiful’. Defunding the police will only lead to more violence because the police protect us. Instead, we should focus on better training for law enforcement”
-Another anonymous member (former Stirnerist Egoist)

As is clearly shown, our club, through civil discourse and the free marketplace of ideas has deradicalised many extremists to the more reasonable and compromising position, our next discussion topic will be suggested and collectively decided upon by our members in accordance with the ideals of one of the most prolific liberal thinkers, Peter Kropotkin. We hope to see more females join our club to expand the diversity of opinions and worldviews.

“I started the club because there’s a real diversity of political thought here, and there are a lot of people who are happy to discuss politics in a relaxed and friendly setting.”

-Mackenzie Charles Francis Wise, our great founder

Galileo Lima & Johnathan Bonnice