Sports Co-Captains’ News

This year our first ‘Sports Snaps’ are given to Zara Chand, Bronte Fisher and Charlotte O’Brien in Year 10 who ran in the Sydney Marathon Club road race in January.  The girls had set themselves the goal of training together in order to achieve their own personal running goals and also to race in a competitive environment.


After 12 weeks of self-training, all 3 ran amazing races and are very proud of their accomplishments.  Charlotte raced in the 5km event, Bronte in the 10km and Zara ran an astounding 21km to complete her first half-marathon! Excellent work Zara, Bronte and Charlotte!



Please see us during Tutor Group time [Kora (CHN5), Abby (M7)] or email us to nominate you or a friend for the next Sports Snaps where we recognise sporting endeavours out of school.

Abby Gibson and Kora Villa
Sports Co-Captains