From the Religious Education Coordinator

From the Religious Education Coordinator

The Lenten Journey Continues

How are you travelling through Lent this year? In his message for Lent 2021, Pope Francis asks for all to “experience Lent with love,” which “rejoices in seeing others grow.” The Pope said that one can give hope to others by being kind, sharing the “gift of a smile” or speaking a word of encouragement. May your Lenten journey be one that comforts, consols, strengthens and encourages others.

Celebrating 200 years of Catholic Education

Staff were presented with a pin celebrating 200 years of Catholic education in Australia. Thank you to House Liturgy Captains who led the College in our prayer at the Principal’s Assembly launching the celebration.

Year 12 Retreat


In Week 5, Year 12 students attended the Retreat at Le Rosey Mittagong in Houses.

The theme, Rejoice and Be Glad from the Gospel of Matthew 5:12 challenged the girls to seize the opportunity to celebrate life for all its beauty, chaos and joy. 


Thank you to Ms Kathryn White for her support in the preparation for the Retreat and leading Retreat 2. Thank you to the teachers who facilitated, led and supervised on the Retreats: Dr Ireland, who attended both Retreats, Ms Clarke, Mrs Criss, Mr Allen, Mr Greenwell, Mr Hodges, Mrs Del Moro, Ms O’Neill, Mrs Colreavy, Ms Vu, Ms Bloomfield, Mr Iskander, Ms Pulmbarit, Mr Hussey, Ms Wardle, Ms D’Netto and Ms Askew. Their professional and personal commitment to the retreat ensured the experience provided opportunities for students to grow in their faith.

Thank you to Fr Aliki Langi and Fr Greg Morgan who joined the Retreats and provided the opportunity for the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for students and then celebrated the Eucharist. These were very special opportunities for the students.

The feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. 

Below are some responses from students to the question:






Over the days of the retreat I learnt/became aware of…….


  • Everyone has their own story/ connection to God
  • My positive qualities
  • How grateful I am for these opportunities
  • I learnt more about my own spirituality
  • Everyone has a story
  • The personal connection I have with God
  • The need to stress less and to be more positive
  • My relationship with God, ways to unwind and to bring myself back to the present
  • My positive traits
  • How much stress I was carrying
  • To journal
  • Comfortable silence
  • To meditate
  • A lot more gratitude
  • To look up at the stars
  • Speaking to God whenever I need to and presence of God in my life at all moments.






Miss Mary Kleist, Religious Education Coordinator

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2, #8 & #11