From the Leader of Wellbeing

From the Leader of Wellbeing

2022 Alludes to Symmetry that is Broken by Zero (Nothing)

Over the last two years, the community of Marist Sisters’ College Woolwich has demonstrated resilience, grit and empathy, which has enabled all to bounce forward. This was reflected in the joyful eyes that greeted others on Day 1 of this year, the celebration of the Eucharist that connected us on Wednesday of this week and the successes of the Graduating Class of 2021.

Resilience, grit and empathy were demonstrated by Mary, under whose name the College exists, when she ‘arose and went with haste’ to visit her cousin Elizabeth some distance away (Luke 1:39). Like Mary, the community places Virtus Super Omnia (Goodness Above All). This has fostered positive wellbeing.

2022 will be a year of growth for our students who will be supported by all staff, especially their Tutor Teacher who will be led by the Wellbeing Team. We are a collaborative team of action. 

The MSCW Wellbeing Team will continue to engage in Professional Learning throughout 2022 to ensure that they continue to provide support for growth in your daughter’s wellbeing and learning.

2022 Wellbeing Team


Assistant Leader of Wellbeing: 

Ms Gemma Muller


Mr Joshua Allen


Mrs Jocelyn Kemp


Ms Grace Spurr


Mr David Greenwell


Mrs Carolyn Criss


Mrs Jenna Cremin

College Counsellor

Mrs Louise Scuderi


A Time of Transition

To start their 2022 academic year, both Year 7 and Year 11 were involved in independent transition programs. These programs were devised to assist our young women as they navigate a significant area of transition in their life:

  • Primary School to Secondary School 
  • Junior Student to Senior Student

Year 7 were inducted into the community and learnt what it means to be a valued member of the Marist Sisters’ community. Year 11 were taught skills that will support them as they ‘step up’ and take on additional responsibilities in learning and as school leaders as the year progresses.

These programs were devised under the direction of Ms Gemma Muller the Assistant Leader of Wellbeing, who worked with staff including the House Co-ordinators and Key Learning Co-ordinators.

The students shone, especially the Student Leaders who gave of themselves to lead the activities in the Year 7 transition program. They demonstrated for all students present what it means to be Marist, as they embodied the College motto and placed ‘Goodness Above All’.

My Marist Compass Goals – Save the Date: Wednesday 16 March 2022


Goals transform a random walk into a chase

                                – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

This process involves a journey with the young women of the College as they initiate an action plan with achievable goals that will enable them to develop into independent, autonomous learners who have agency over their future direction.  

On Wednesday 16 March 2022 from 8.30 am – 7 pm, Tutors, parents and students will be involved in a three-way, 20-minute interview led by the student using the ZOOM platform. 

There will be no classes on this day, however, it is a mandatory expectation that each student between Years 7-12 will attend via ZOOM with their parent(s) to discuss their realistic and achievable goals for 2022.

More details will follow shortly.

School TV

School TV continues to be provided for you to engage with as you navigate your daughter’s stages of development. An online resource that proves you with the most up-to-date information on a range of areas directly related to the wellbeing of young people, specifically girls. From time to time we will bring to your attention specific publications via the SchoolTV website that you can access with ease via the MSCW Cloudshare page and via COMPASS School Favourites (the grey star icon located at the top of the COMPASS homepage).

The Wellbeing Team is looking forward with joy to working with both you and your daughter in 2022 as we strive to build a community of young women who are encompassed in positive relationships that bring out their very best, allowing them to be empowered to be courageous in both their learning and in life.

If you have any concerns in relation to your daughter’s wellbeing, please contact her Tutor Teacher here at the College.


Ms Angela Bowland, Leader of Wellbeing

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #1, #2