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MailChimp integration

Create a campaign

To send out the newsletter to your subscribers, you first need to create a campaign.

  1. Publish the newsletter to be sent. You can’t create a campaign for a newsletter still in Draft or in a private/password-protected state.
  2. Go to Newsletters > Mailchimp and click the Create a Campaign tab.
  3. Select the published newsletter you want to use to create a campaign. The most recent newsletter will be at the top of the list.
  4. Choose a subject heading for your campaign.

    By default this field will be filled with template tags that will get replaced when the campaign is created. See the Changing the defaults section below to find out what these tags mean.

  5. Select the contact list you want the campaign to send to. If you have contact list segments set up, you can also choose which segment to send to.


    It’s always a good idea to send each campaign to a test list first before sending the real thing. Set up a separate contact list just for testing.

  6. Click Create Email Campaign.

Review and Send

Now that the campaign has been created, the newsletter can be sent out.

  1. In Newsletters > Mailchimp go to the Current Campaigns tab. You should see the campaign that was set up in the previous steps – if not, click the Refresh Campaign List button.
  2. Hover over the campaign and click Send.
  3. Review the data to make sure everything is okay. You can also send a last-minute test to yourself from this screen.

    Are you about to send the campaign to your subscribers?

    Make sure you have sent a test internally first! You can’t take the campaign back once it’s sent.

  4. If everything is in order, click Send Email Campaign. This will pop-up one final chance to confirm the send – no going back after this!

The campaign will now start sending out to the contact lists you specified.

Changing the defaults

The Mailchimp Add on uses a settings page to store default values. To change these, go to Settings > Mailchimp.

  • API Key – The key that lets this Add on interact with your Mailchimp account. Generally you won’t ever need to change this.
  • Default “From” Name – The name that will be attached to your campaigns. Lets your subscribers know who the campaign is from.
  • Default “From” Email – The email that will be attached to your campaigns. Lets your subscribers know who the campaign is from.
  • Default “Reply To” Email – The email that will accept any replies a subscriber sends. Generally the same as the From email.
  • Default Subject – The subject line of your campaign. This field uses template tags dynamically fill depending on the newsletter being sent. This field can be overwritten when creating a new campaign.

    Tag Description
    %site-title% Replaces with the title of the site. eg. “The Buzz Newsletter”
    %site-description% Replaces with the description of the site. eg. “Your Newsletter, Your way.”
    %newsletter-title% Replaces with the title of the newsletter. eg. “Issue 1”
    %year% Replaces with the current year. eg. “2018”
    %month% Replaces with the current month. eg. “June”
    %day% Replaces with the current day. eg. “3”


Updated on July 20, 2018

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