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Editing a newsletter issue

Changing The Article Order

Once you’ve added some articles, the newsletter edit screen will allow to to further control the display and ordering of your articles.

By default, articles will appear in the order in which they were created. To change this, simply drag and drop articles to shuffle them around into your preferred arrangement.

Quick Options

You can quickly change the display status of each article by clicking the “quick options” icons.

These options correspond to the options checkboxes on the article edit view.

  • Toggling the envelope will cause the article to be displayed (or not) on the email view.
  • The star toggles the article’s “featured” status.

You may specify a featured image for the issue, which will display according to the theme’s configuration. It will also show as a thumbnail in the newsletter issue archive.

We definitely recommend including one, as it helps tie everything together.

High resolution please!

Featured images should be uploaded at a High Resolution. Around 2000 pixels wide is a good guide.

WordPress will automatically create various sizes and crops of the image to fit the theme, however it’s essential to have a good high quality source to work from.

If you’ve already added a featured image and wish to replace it, click the “remove featured image” link and you’ll be able to add another.

Use the “crop featured image” button to adjust the automatic sizing for the featured image. This is useful if you’re having trouble with people’s heads being cropped out or if you wish to include only part of a high resolution image.



Preview your issue using the preview changes button in the publish box. When you’re ready to go just click Publish to make it live!

Next Steps

Updated on April 15, 2020

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