Studies of Religion

Head of Faculty – Religion 

Zoey Fellows


Studies of Religion in 2020 has started strong as a whole new cohort of students joins our Catholic community. Our Year 7 students have begun their studies of Religion with a unit titled ‘What are the core Catholic beliefs?’ where students will learn all about the faith that we practice here at St Patrick’s College. This includes an excursion to our local Church, St Joseph’s on The Strand, and explorations of sacraments, sacred texts and liturgy.

Our Year 10 classes are also embarking on an exciting new program where, for the first time, the College is allowing students to choose specialist Religion pathways. Our ‘Religion and Ethics’ classes have begun with an exploration of the world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, while ‘Study of Religion’ students are participating in a unit to gain a deep understanding of the Vedic religions. In Year 12, our Religion and Ethics students are beginning to plan social justice projects to implement in the College and we can’t wait to see the fruits of their labour.