Director of Students

Director of Students

Maria Franettovich


A special welcome to those families and students that are new to our College and welcome back to our returning students and families.  I am excited to care for your daughter this year as Director of Students.  

We have had a fantastic start to the school year welcoming our Year 7 and new Year 8 students on Orientation Day.  The day was a wonderful way to set our new students up for success, allowing important connections to be made with their Pastoral Care Teachers, Heads of House, Head of Year 7, Year 12 Big Sisters and other members of the College community.


Pastoral Team

This year we are excited to welcome two new members to the Pastoral team, Ms Jaimee Seebohm, Head of House – Thrones and Ms Tenille Hambly, in the new role of Head of Year 12.

Ms Jaimee Seebohm – Head of Thrones House 

Ms Tenille Hambly – Head of Year 12

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Heads of Year and Heads of House for all their hard work to ensure that all new students have been welcomed into the College and for assisting all students to settle into college routines.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your daughter please do not hesitate to contact her Head of House if she is in Years 8 – 11 and our Heads of Year if she is in Year 7 and Year 12 by phoning the College on 4753 0300 or via email.

Dominations – Ms Lucy Towers

Powers – Ms Kirsten Anderson

Principalities – Ms Lisa Mowbray

Thrones – Ms Jaimee Seebohm

Head of Year 7 – Ms Lizzie Wood

Head of Year 12 – Ms Tenille Hambly


Digital Detox During the Day

This year students are being encouraged to take a break from their phones during the day to bring balance to their digital and real world lives.  Soaking up real time instead of screen time is believed to increase happiness and learning and allow them to connect more with the people in their life.

Students are allowed to use their phone until 8.30am but then are asked to turn their phone off and put it away until 3.15pm and allow themselves the best opportunity for learning.  In the classroom phones should not be visible, it is “off and away”.  Students are asked to put the “do not disturb feature” on during the day to silence any notifications. 

During the breaks, they are not permitted to use their mobile phones or headphones.  Lunch time is a time to develop real world social and verbal communication skills with friends.  Any communication with parents for organisational matters should happen through Student Reception.  Please note if you need to contact your daughter during the day please call the College office.

Further information regarding college expectations around mobile phones and personal devices can be found on page 109 of your daughter’s College Diary.


Uniform Guidelines and Expectations

This year we will continue with our Fitness Friday program and students will be permitted to wear their Sports Uniform all day every Friday to participate in various physical activities and events. Monday to Thursday students are to wear their full and correct Academic Uniform to and from school. They will need to change into their sports uniform at break times for practical HPE lessons. HPE teachers will communicate with students and parents about the details and expectations. 

To avoid any confusion or disappointment I would like to clarify the college expectations around hair colour, as stated in the College Diary on page 101, “Hair must be of the student’s natural colour and tone and style” and that the college reserves the right to decide whether styles and/or colours are unacceptable. 

Our uniform expectations can be located on our College Website: and on page 101 of your daughter’s College Diary. Please direct any queries or concerns you may have regarding the Uniform Policy to your daughter’s Head of House or Head of Year. 


Year 7 Retreat Day

Year 7 Retreat Day was held on Friday, 7 February. A day full of fun and laughter and lots of fun activities.  The girls enjoyed swimming at the Kokoda Pool followed by a BBQ lunch and games on The Strand, where they were able to participate in team building, and other activities to get to know each other better and form friendships outside of the classroom. The day was a great success and I would like to thank Mrs Lizzie Wood for planning and organising the day and the other staff who assisted.

Extracurricular Information Morning

The Extracurricular Information Morning was also a great success with students demonstrating a keen interest in involving themselves in the multitude of activities on offer at the College.  Students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity each semester to form connections with other students with similar interests and build skills outside of the classroom. Further information regarding extracurricular activities, opportunities and clubs is available on our College website: 


Enlighten Education

Yesterday, Year 9 students participated in an all-day workshop run by Enlighten Education. The day comprised of a series of workshops on issues ranging from friendship, self-esteem, and body image. One workshop focussed on the notion of gratitude and was packed with practical tips designed to encourage thankfulness. The Enlighten Team are national leaders in empowering young women to Celebrate, Challenge and Change who they are and who they want to become. The students had an enjoyable day and were glowing in their praise.

Upcoming Pastoral Events

Saturday 15 Feb – Year 12 Prefect Retreat

Tuesday 25 Feb – Year 7 Immunisations