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Congratulations to Quyen (Jerry) Le who received a Special Mention for her entry in the inaugural SCS Portrait Prize for her self-portrait done in 8VAR during Semester 2 2021, when we were in COVID-19 lockdown.

Artist Statement: Jerry Le 

I chose to portray myself in a blue colour since I did some research on what the colour blue spiritually means, which is ‘calm, serenity and imaginative’. I thought it would be perfect to use blue to paint myself because art is something that I do to keep me calm and make me oblivious to the problems within the world.  

I started this self-portrait when we were studying Visual Arts via Zoom. Online learning at home was tough for me, as there were many distractions and it’s missing many crucial parts that help me learn; but when I started the first part of my artwork it felt as if I was in a different world where nothing was distracting me and everything just started to come together.

When the artwork was finally complete, I felt relieved and happy that it turned out great, even though it wasn’t what I expected when I first got the task. The artwork I used in my background was The Turning Road by Andre Derain (1906). My final decision was this artwork because it really caught my eye when I first saw it and from there I knew it was perfect for my self-portrait.

Marist Sisters’ College, Woolwich – SCS Portrait Prize – 13-15-year-olds Art Teachers – Ms Yvonne Duke and Ms Ellie Phillips 


Ms Yvonne Duke, Visual Arts Teacher

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