From the Leader of Learning and Curriculum

From the Leader of Learning and Curriculum

Parent Homework

Year 12 students participated in a study skills session with Dr Prue Salter this week. During her presentation, Dr Salter showed a slide and asked students to reflect on their homework and study habits at home.

At that point, there was a lot of chatter.

Nervous chatter.

In follow up conversations with students, I understand that it indicated that many Year 12s were not investing enough time each night in private study and homework.

So I am asking all parents and carers to undertake an audit of their daughter’s time spent on homework and private study activities over the next fortnight.

Here are the guidelines:

Year 7 & 8 – around 1hr 30mins per night

Year 9 & 10 – around 2hrs 30mins per night

Year 11 – around 3hrs per night (plus more on weekends)

Year 12 – around 3-4hrs per night (plus more on weekends)

If your daughter is not reaching these timeframes, there are many resources to assist in the ELES Study Skills Handbook published by Dr Prue Salter. The handbook can be accessed via COMPASS using the Favourites (the star) icon.

Mr Justin Hodges, Leader of Learning and Curriculum

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