Director of Mission

Director of Mission

Athena Costopoulos

As the school year comes to a close, I want to take the time to acknowledge the fantastic team of staff and students that support me in my role as Director of Mission.

Ms Harriett Veukiso, our College Chaplain, assists in planning Mercy Girls and McAuley activities, organising liturgies and mentoring students. She liaises with choirs and musicians and through her everyday words and actions is a witness to the Gospel values.

The music team, lead by Mr John Goulter, brings the experiential dimension to all our masses and liturgies. He and his team are collaborative and enthusiastic in all endeavours.   The Liturgy Choir astounds me with their commitment to weekly rehearsals and performances. They are professional and eager to take on new challenges. Our staff musicians and conductors lead by example in their professionalism. I thank them for the way they selflessly share their talents with the College.

Ms Susan Wilkinson plays one of the most important roles in supporting me. Although often behind the scenes, it is her attention to detail and organisational skills in putting together power points, booklets, setting up assemblies, masses and liturgies that pulls everything together.

A huge thank you to Sr Helen Mary who brings the Mercy charism to life in her reflections and blessings.

My student leaders, Harper Weekers, Madyson Wass and Lara Stewart have already astounded me with their energy and enthusiasm. I know that our new Prefects will be wonderful ambassadors for the College and I look forward to seeing all the great things they will do in 2021.




College Chaplain

Harriett Veukiso


This term the Mercy Girls in Action have been busy leading the Annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. The Community service prefects for 2021, Harper Weekers and Madyson Wass, collaborated with members to discuss the Vinnies Christmas appeal. To ensure all hampers have a variety of goods the students organised for each house to donate certain hamper items. The Mercy Girls in Action sought donations to help support people in need during the festive season. The Vinnies Christmas appeal aims to support families and individuals struggling by donating food, hampers and presents during the festive season. 

Our 2021 Faith and Identity Prefect Lara Stewart, lead the McAuley Ministry team through a reflective prayer experience this week which allows members to consider the true meaning of Christmas and prepare themselves spiritually. Following in the footsteps of Catherine McAuley the student lead Ministry team discussed ways to ensure all PC classes could implement prayer experiences into morning routine. The members decided to raise discussions in PC time with the topic being the Vinnies Christmas appeal. In collaboration with the Mercy Girls in Action collecting hamper donations the McAuley Ministry team set out to ensure action was complimented with knowledge and prayer time.