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Head of Faculty – Careers & VET

Catherine Rentoule

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together” Anonymous


The concept of “a job for life” is fading as our workplaces grow ever more responsive to the accelerated pace of technological change and shifts in the global economy. A “career” is now seen as the process of managing life, learning and work across the lifespan. This means that lifelong learning is no longer an abstract concept but a vital necessity for navigating an increasingly fluid and complex economic landscape” (Miles Morgan Australia, 2003)

I would always encourage your daughter to visit our College Careers Website to investigate future pathways ideas. This is an excellent resource for students, as it contains a vast amount of up-to-date and relevant careers information.  There is also some great tips and advice for parents/guardians about how to best support your daughter on their individual career journey.

Now may be a good time to encourage your Year 10, 11 or 12 daughter to login to the Student Secure Area to update their Career Planner if they haven’t already done so.

Under the Activities tab on the left hand side there are a number of topics to choose from. Select the area where you think you are at on your career journey and start from there. The activities are either online or in PDF documents.

  • Learning About Myself
  • Career Exploration
  • Enterprise/21st Century/Employability/Transferable Skills
  • Preparing For Work
  • The Workplace
  • Future of Work
  • Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship
  • Volunteering/Community Service
  • Money and Finance
  • Learning and Study Skills

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