Head of Junior School

Head of Junior School

How exciting it is to be back at school and to have the playground and classrooms filled with laughter, chatter and students re-connecting after the summer holidays.

During our Assembly this week, I told the students a story that made them think about how they feel about being at school and how they can make it a great place to be.

I told them the following: “this school will be as good for you as you want it to be. If you choose to stand apart, criticise and complain, not give everything a go and do your best, then this may well be a very dull place indeed.

If you are prepared to join in and have a go at all the activities, see people as your friends and be a good friend, enjoy learning and work at your best in class then Oxley will be a great place for you.

Above all, remember that this is a place of learning, your parents chose Oxley as they believe this is a place where learning is not just about English and Maths but also about you, who you are and how you can participate in the community we have here.

We want you to flourish and this will depend on you, your attitude and your actions.”

Just like the students, teachers are re-connecting and planning amazing curriculum and activities to engage the students to not just gain wisdom but to wonder about the possibilities. In the Junior School, our goals for this year are based around using evidence to inform our practice – this might be a test, a project, a task, an observation during lesson time, teacher judgment or student feedback. We are also working hard to improve students writing with a focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Setting goals is a wonderful way for both students and teachers to work together, sharing the learning journey and having an endpoint.

To help our teachers and students to work together is Mrs Alison Rasheed, who has a new role this year as Director of Curriculum P-6. I asked Alison to share her thoughts on her new role:

“I am thrilled to write to you as the new Director of Curriculum P-6 role at Oxley College Junior School. Having been part of the Oxley community for the past 7 years and a teacher and school leader for over 28 years, I strongly believe that the academic learning here at Oxley empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and positively impact their own world and the world around them. This year, one of my main areas of focus is to lead the implementation of exciting new English and Maths curricula, ensuring that our educational programs align with the latest research and incorporate innovative teaching practices. I am dedicated to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement in all Key Learning Areas, fostering collaboration among our dedicated staff to enhance teaching methodologies and create dynamic learning experiences for our students. I am excited about the possibilities this role holds and am committed to working as a team to make this school year a transformative one for both educators and students alike. Here’s to a year of growth, innovation, and academic excellence!”

A new Pre-K classroom and beautiful outdoor play area, a second Year 1 class, new landscaping around The Gateway, and more on the horizon makes for a very exciting year in Junior School.

A warm welcome to both our existing and new families – we are looking forward to a year of wisdom, wonderment and WOW!

A reminder about Sport Uniform days:

Kindergarten Tuesday and Friday
Year 1 Monday and Friday
Year 2 Friday and Wednesday
Year 3 Wednesday and Friday
Year 4 Wednesday and Friday
Year 5 Monday and Friday
Year 6 Monday and Friday

Warm regards

Miss Jane Campion
Head of Junior School