Business Manager

Business Manager

New After School Care Offering

We are always working to enhance the overall experience for our students and families at Oxley College. After months of collaboration with a service provider, we have secured Before and After School Care with ‘Their Care’, this service will commence on Monday 11 March 2024. Located in the Junior School, it will offer an option for parents to claim the child care rebate, further reducing associated costs.

An information night at the Junior School will be held on Tuesday 27 February at 5.00pm for families interested in enrolling.

Building Projects and Transformations

Since the commencement of our first renovation project in December, we have seen lots of progress across our campus. With 13 building projects underway, including completed and near-completed initiatives, Oxley is undergoing transformative changes.

Notable accomplishments include the new Pre-K the new playground, affectionately known as ‘The Burrow’, the music pods and the Senior School changerooms. Additionally, the relocation of The Clinic to Elvo’s ground floor and the completion of Senior and Junior School offices mark significant milestones in our journey towards providing modern and functional facilities.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the building teams and talented tradespeople, sometimes up to 50 per day, who have contributed to these achievements.

Our commitment to enhancing the learning environment at Oxley College remains a priority. From newly created Senior School offices allowing collaboration to updated Pre-K bathrooms ensuring accessibility, each transformation contributes to nurture and support our students’ learning. The completion of projects like The Clinic refurbishment and the installation of modern changerooms reflects our dedication to student well-being and inclusivity in sports activities. Our state-of-the-art music pods, renovated Junior School offices and an almost finished woodwork room with over $100,000 worth of equipment installed further enhance the educational journey for our students. Additionally, a new workout space featuring specially selected adolescent machines and equipment is progressing.

As we look forward to completing ongoing projects, including restroom renovations and gym enhancements, we express our gratitude for your continued support. Your partnership is instrumental as we strive to create a campus that inspires excellence in every aspect of our students’ lives.

During the upcoming Parent Welcome Drinks, scheduled tours of the new facilities will be available. Please reserve your spot using the link.

Callout for Volunteers

We are asking for expressions of interest for volunteers to help in the College Canteen on the weekends when we have home games. Please complete your details here and we will be in touch.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Em Cassin
Business Manager