Recent French events at the Fort

Recent French events at the Fort

French students at Fort St have been busy recently, with several activities taking place both on and off campus to enrich their language learning and cultural understanding.


On Saturday 18 June, Year 12 French students ventured to the NSW School of Languages. There they undertook two mock HSC speaking exams with teachers from other schools. Year 12 student Tijana reports: The experience was valuable because I was able to meet other French Continuers students and I was able to speak to them in French, which was really cool. The speaking day helped me because I was able to get an idea of the exam environment and find out that it is not as scary as it seems!


Year 8 French students were delighted by a French afternoon tea on Wednesday 29 June, as part of their ‘Bon appétit!’ unit investigating French foods and the role cuisine plays French daily life, culture and identity. We are lucky to have a master pâtissier, Yen, who not only has his business just around the corner at 536 Parramatta Rd, but who also provided a feast of patisseries for our students at cost price. Yen attributed his generosity to his pleasure at seeing students back at school after periods of remote learning.


A number of Year 9 French students stayed back after school on Wednesday 3 August to participate in a Sydney University webinar entitled Studying Languages and Cultures at Sydney: How, why and where it can take you. Students learnt about possibilities for studying languages at university level, including exchange programmes and in-country experiences. It was fantastic to see students begin thinking about post-school options and the role that languages can play in enriching their lives beyond the school walls.

Ms Walker