Finding Fulfilment

Finding Fulfilment


Article supplied by Lesley Magill | Little Shove Mentoring & Moving

We often think that happiness is the ultimate goal in life, but is it really? Happiness can be fleeting. Fulfilment, however, is another thing entirely. 

Fulfilment gives us a deeper, almost inexplicable sense of contentment and satisfaction; a feeling that what we are doing has meaning and purpose. Fulfilment can come from the simplest of acts or the most complex of achievements, yet how we find it is as unique to us as we are to each other. 

Fulfilment is found when what we do aligns with who we are. It’s tied to doing the things we do because we want to, not because we should. Yet, fulfilment can seem like a far-away fantasy-land, and words like purpose and passion can invoke feelings of frustration. Why? Because so many of us feel we haven’t found them yet and we search so hard for so long that in the end, we almost give up. 

The truth is that to find fulfilment we need to first find ourselves. But how?  

We need to figure out who we are, what we want and why. We need to define our values and understand how pivotal they are to our work, life and self. We need to realise our uniqueness as perfectly imperfect, never to be repeated, human beings. We need to understand our value and our worth. We need to allow ourselves to follow our curiosities, our interests, our guts and our hearts and be brave enough to let them lead us where we really want to go, where we belong. 

By finding ourselves first we not only stand a good chance of finding our purpose and passions, but we also create the very real opportunity of living the most fulfilling lives we could ever imagine. And tell me, who doesn’t want that? 



 Lesley Magill, Little Shove Mentoring & Moving


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