Celebrating 40 Years in School Photography

Celebrating 40 Years in School Photography


Article submitted by AdvancedLife | SA-NT Chapter Partner



We would like to wish every Educate Plus SA-NTschool the best of luck for the 2024 school year! We are very proud to support Educate Plus and to be associated with your wonderful organisation.

The team at advancedlife take immense pride in being an Australian family-owned and operated business, established by the Isherwood family in 1984. We are thrilled to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2024, marking four decades of capturing your cherished memories!

Throughout our 40-year journey, our unwavering dedication to quality, professionalism, innovation and exceptional service has enabled us to record and preserve the school experience for millions of Australian primary and high school children across schools small and large. With a proven history in delivering exceptional school photography services, in 2024 we are set to make school photography easy for over 1250 schools and more than 650,000 students nationwide.

Why advancedlife?


Quality is important

School photographs are a landmark in every student’s annual school journey and take place on just 13 occasions throughout their school years. Our skilled photographers specialise in working with children and young people, ensuring each image is a cherished memento.

Security is important

Once students’ photographs have been taken, our cutting edge, in-house digital facility ensures that student images and data are maintained securely. We take pride in our systems and in 40 years we have never experienced a data breach.

Service is important

Our school facing customer service team truly understand that schools have better things to do than spend valuable time on school photography and are continually focused on making school photography easy. In addition, our dedicated Parent Enquiry Team ensure queries from families are met with a prompt, friendly and helpful reply.

Innovation is important

We have developed a range of online solutions in-house to make school photography easy for schools and we have also developed strategic partnerships with industry leading companies including Epson, Ricoh and Sentral. Your school and families will notice the benefits of choosing advancedlife first-hand when utilising our online-solutions and when you receive your packages created using cutting-edge print technology from our esteemed partners Epson and Ricoh.

Why not contact us today to compare what advancedlife can do to make school photography easy for your school or college and see why we have remained market leaders after 40 years in the industry.