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Monica Rogenmoser, College Counsellor

What is stress and how can we manage it?

Stress is a body’s reaction to a challenge or demand, that can result in physical, emotional or intellectual responses. It is a normal and human reaction that everybody experiences ( 2021).

It is very common for girls to feel stressed out from time to time. Stress is a normal part of life and it is needed for us to function. If we have a low level of stress, often we feel bored and unstimulated. However, if we are experiencing high levels of stress, we can become overwhelmed and experience physical symptoms such as nausea and fatigue.

Often when we feel like this stress has overtaken our body and mind and it can be difficult to de-escalate our stress levels. Stress is becoming more prevalent with 40% of 15-19 year old’s feel that are unable to cope with stress ( 2021).

You might be asking, why is my daughter stressed? There are many factors that can lead to girls feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Some include, homework/school work, expectations on themselves and/or from parents and teachers to perform well at school, life challenges, friendship issues and lack/poor sleep. Some of the symptoms of stress include: irritability, difficulties concentrating, avoiding school, lack of appetite, spending more time alone or in their room, fatigued and experiencing headaches or stomach aches. 

Although stress is inevitable, it can be manageable. If you suspect that your daughter is experiencing stress, talk to her and see if you can identify the cause of the stress. I have listed some online programs/apps that can be useful for parents and girls to engage in to manage stress symptoms:

Brave Program – this is developed by QLD university as a program for both parents and teens to complete to prevent and treat anxiety. Details of the program can be found here:

Mood GYM – this program is an interactive self help book that allows teens to learn and practice skills to manage anxiety: 

Superbetter– builds resilience and teaches skills to stay strong and motivated during challenging times: 

If you wish to discuss the above or have any concerns about your young person please feel free to contact the College Counsellor, Monica Rogenmoser via or ph: 0435 659 694

Miss Monica Rogenmoser, College Counsellor

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