From the Religious Education Coordinator

From the Religious Education Coordinator


The Church celebrates the feast of Pentecost on Sunday 5 June. Jesus had said during his ministry that he would leave, but that he would send the comforter, the Holy Spirit.

At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to the early believers and they were ‘filled with the Spirit’. Peter said ‘And let me tell you about the Messiah, who is the eternal protection for all of humanity’. Those who heard Peter and the disciples wanted to join the community of believers. And so Pentecost became, in history, the ‘birth of the Church.’ Those who joined became a ‘force’ and those who witnessed this force also wanted to join.

The Sanctity of Human Life

The early Christian communities were visible expressions of Jesus’ new commandment ‘Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’ (John 13:24-25). This love is expressed today through the Catholic Church proclaiming that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. The recent passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2021 by the NSW Parliament on 19 May, 2022 further challenges Catholics to be visible expressions of love, respecting all human life. At his General Audience on 9 February, 2022, Pope Francis spoke of ‘Life is a right, not death, which must be welcomed, not administered. And this ethical principle concerns everyone, not just Christians or believers.’ He further said ‘the beginning of life and the end are always a mystery, a mystery that should be respected, accompanied, cared for, loved.’

Please find attached the media statement from Archbishop Anthony Fisher on the passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

Holy Name of Mary Elevate Youth Group – Years 7, 8 and 9 

Please find attached information regarding the Talks and Tacos event on Friday, 10 June 2022.

Miss Mary Kleist, Religious Education Coordinator

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