From the Leader of Wellbeing

Welcome back to our MSCW community as we commence the new school year. The year has certainly commenced with many fun filled initiatives from a Wellbeing lens.  We continue to work collaboratively within our community to assist each student in helping them to find their compass throughout their journey at the College. 

The wellbeing of today’s youth has never been more challenging

(Michael Carr-Gregg)

To commence the beginning of 2021, the College hosted two significant days as a means of supporting the needs of our students as they prepare for the year ahead. These two days were most valuable: Year 7 Welcome Day and the Year 11 Transition Day. Our aim was to provide an opportunity to foster good relationships, prepare the girls for the year(s) ahead and suggest appropriate strategies and tips to help the transition process. A special thank you must be extended to the Wellbeing Team – under the direction of Ms Gemma Muller (our new Assistant Leader of Wellbeing) and all the House Co-ordinators in preparing and facilitating a fun day! It is also important that we acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our Student Leaders who kindly offered their time to lead some of the activities. As usual they demonstrated their Marist spirit in staying true to our ethos of exercising their “Goodness Above All”.

Please help me in welcoming our new House Co-ordinators. They are extremely committed to supporting the social and emotional wellbeing needs of your daughters and facilitating their development and growth throughout the time at the College. In the coming week, each House Coordinator will be sending an email introducing themselves. Our 2021 House Coordinators are: 

Assistant Leader of Wellbeing:  Ms Gemma Muller
Chavoin:  Mr Joshua Allen
Chanel:  Ms Sophie Wardle
Colin:      Mrs Carol Bloomfield
Jaricot:    Mr David Greenwell
Marcellin:  Mrs Carolyn Criss
Perroton:   Mr Tim Hussey

Our other new additional member to the Wellbeing team is College Counsellor – Ms
Monica Rogenmoser who has replaced Becky Salter. Monica comes with significant expertise in the area of understanding and supporting the various needs of young adolescents. Please feel free to reach out to her should you wish to speak with about the concerns that you may have regarding your daughter(s).

In moving forward this year, the vision for Wellbeing at the College is to continue to foster good relationships whilst affirming the interdependence that exists between Learning and Wellbeing. Research is very clear in stating the students will not thrive, flourish nor engage in their learning if they are not at their optimal best. Therefore the question needs to be asked “how well do we know our learner? How well do we know our students?”. To assist us in better understanding our students and their specific needs, we need to be actively engaging in conversations with them. 

Save the Date: My Marist Compass Goals
Wednesday 10 March 2021

This whole school initiatives continues to bridge the fundamental union of student learning with wellbeing through the process of goals setting. The benefits clearly articulate that it assists in developing self-directed learners, builds positive self-esteem, enables good decision making and prompts problem solving whilst feeling a greater sense of achievement.

On Wednesday 10 March 2021 8.30am – 7pm, Tutor/parent & student will be involved in a 3 way 20 min interviewed by your child in their Tutor room here at the College. There will be no classes on this day, however it is a mandatory expectation that each student between Year 7-12 will attend via ZOOM with their parent(s) to discuss their proposed goals.

More details to come!

Save the Date: The Sleep Connection Parent Forum Tuesday 16 February 2021 7 – 8pm

Lisa Maltman is a well recognised clinician from The Sleep Connection whom specialises in sleep. She will be presenting via zoom “The importance of developing effective sleep hygiene practice”. Specifically she will be covering how to promote healthy sleeping habits for young people whilst understanding the impact that sleep has on a one’s mental health and resilience.

School TV 

This is a new, informative online resource that is designed to empower you as parents with credible and sound information with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies. Please peruse at your leisure SchoolTV website that is accessible via the MSCW Cloudshare page & via COMPASS (Star Icon > More Favourites).

Here’s to a wonderful start to 2021!!

Mrs Sia Mastro, Leader of Wellbeing

This article on College life meets The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools – Charter #6 & #8