From the Acting Assistant Principal and Leader of Learning

From the Acting Assistant Principal and Leader of Learning

I want to advise the College community about some changes for 2024.

Class Groupings – Stages 4 & 5

All classes in Years 8 to 10 next year will significantly change current groupings. These changes have been carefully considered and are designed better to meet the social and emotional needs of our students, ultimately promoting a supportive and enriching learning environment.

Teachers, House Coordinators, the Gifted & Talented and Learning Enrichment Coordinators have been part of a thorough process reviewing the existing classes and have made recommendations to form classes for 2024, taking into consideration social and emotional factors, alongside academic ones. Student groupings in all classes have been significantly mixed. Forming class groups considering social and emotional factors, will facilitate stronger peer relationships. By learning alongside peers who share similar emotional development stages and challenges, students will have the opportunity to form deeper connections, build support networks and grow together.

Newman Core Classes

In 2024, Newman students will be placed in Core Classes .1 or .4 . 

Mixed Ability Core Classes

In 2024, students in mixed-ability classes have been allocated to classes .2, .3, .5 and .6.

I want to note that our Newman classes and Mixed Ability classes are not graded (i.e. .1 is not better than .4, and .2 is not better than .6, and .6 is not the lowest or bottom class). Every class has a range of students achieving across the A-E grade range. 


Year 7 parents, carers and students were notified last week that all students in Year 8 will study Italian. The College can staff this with qualified teachers in 2024. Students wanting to study Languages in Stages 5 & 6 will partner with external providers.

Mr Justin Hodges, Acting Assistant Principal and Leader of Learning
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