A Word with Educate Plus Platinum Partner

A Word with Educate Plus Platinum Partner

10 school blog post ideas your school community will actually want to read.

If you’re a school marketer that’s been blogging for your school for a while, you may find that every time you go to write, you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen, waiting for inspiration to strike. It can be hard to shake things up, so the Digistorm content team have put together 10 blog topics as inspiration for you to put into practice today

1. Back to school tips

This topic is a goldmine for families with students of all ages. There is so much to remember when kids are getting ready to head back to school, and you can provide all of the information that a parent will need in one place. 

Posts like ‘Getting kids back into a routine’, and ‘How to order the right size uniforms to last the year’ are two perfect examples of content that is incredibly useful and shareable for the new school year. 

2. Easy school lunchbox recipes

Busy families are always on the lookout for quick and easy school recipes — whether it be healthy lunchbox ideas or 15-minute dinners. Start by crowd-sourcing your readers’ best recipe ideas and ask if you can publish them in a regular blog post series. 

3. Strategies for tackling homework

Homework can be a tricky beast for families to tackle, however, your blog can provide them with the tools they need to ensure homework is completed with as little resistance as possible.

Give families a few solid, easy-to-implement strategies they can use with their kids when that inevitable homework resistance crops up. Reach out to teachers, or do a little research of your own, to come up with solid techniques that can be compiled into a master post.

4. Student success stories

Spotlight a student that has achieved something great on your blog. Not only does this give them well-earned kudos, but it adds social proof to your school. The same goes for your alumni — prospective families love nothing more than learning that education at your school is the path to success.

5. A message from your principal

Connect families with the headmaster or mistress at your school by scheduling a regular blog post that includes information about current goings-on, future plans and more. Often heads can seem a little intimidating, but we promise they’re not — a blog post will confirm this to everyone.

6. Insight into a sporting team

A lot of families (and kids!) don’t know what they’re getting themselves into when it comes to school sports, so a play-by-play of the whole experience — from training through to game day — could be a fun and unique idea for blog content. Snap some pics, and take quotes from the coaches and kids!

7. A rundown of your tech programs 

Some tech-savvy families are very up-to-speed on the programs their kids are, and more importantly, should be using. Technological literacy is so important, so you’ll need to show prospective families how you’re fostering it amongst students. Do you have any special software the kids can use? How about advancement programs? Let families know; they’ll love you for it!

8. Diversity and inclusivity 

Your school blog is also a great way to tackle the topics that mean a lot to you. One theme worth discussing with kids is inclusivity, and how they can foster a more accepting nature at a young age. 

If you think families would be receptive to this, offer some topics they can discuss with their kids in a blog post, as well as language prompts and further resources to learn more. 

9. Tackling gender bias

Gender bias is more pervasive in schools than you may think, but it’s definitely something most institutions are trying to stamp out. To help with any efforts you may execute in the classroom, write an accompanying blog post that encourages families to discuss this topic with their kids. 

10. Understanding cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is a continually hot topic, as we see breaches left, right and centre in our digitally saturated world. It’s something all kids using the internet should be aware of, even if they’re just playing with apps on a parent’s phone. Foster safety online by creating a checklist or compilation of dos and don’ts families can discuss with kids. 

Of course, these are just 10 blog post ideas to get you thinking more creatively. There are thousands of other options out there waiting to be explored on your school blog! Check out the full article with double the ideas!

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